Covid Action Plan - Updated 03/04/2021








What we are doing...General 

- More frequent cleaning (at least 3x a day) of all our shared facilities. This will be a two-part process of cleaning, then further cleaning with an anti-viral solution. 

- Providing hand sanitiser near shared facilities, in our bell tents and at our Site Office. 

- We will allow access to some cleaning materials to campsite users, as required, to ADULTS only. 

- Running at a lower capacity to ensure space between pitches and plenty of open space on site, too. 

- Displaying additional signage in shared facilities, including NHS hand washing advice and reminders to frequently wash hands and use our sanitiser points.

- Our staff will wear gloves, masks and a plastic apron whilst cleaning our facilities. Staff are likely to wear masks throughout the day and will follow the latest guidance on PPE as it develops. 

- Requiring payments in advance of your visit - and online contactless payments preferred.

What we are doing...Bell Tents

- Clients must bring their own bedding to reduce risk to all future users of these facilities. 

- Hand sanitiser is supplied in each unit.

- A thorough cleaning of each unit after each booking is made with a 20 point cleaning check. 

What we suggest you do...

- Please follow the latest government guidance on number of households and those required to quarintine, etc. 

- Wash your hands more frequently than usual, particularly before meal times.

- We cannot clean water taps after every use, so we suggest using gloves for these, and hand sanitiser before and after filling up your water vessels. 

- Consider purchasing 'water carriers' or bringing large vessels with you, to reduce the number of times you need to fill up. 

- Use the facilities as 'family groups' and consider coming back later if facilities are busy. 

- Consider wearing a mask/gloves whilst using the facilities, to protect yourself and others. I am afraid we cannot provide these, so you will need to bring these with you. 

- We cannot provide cleaning materials in our facilities, due to risk to young people, but you may wish to bring your own cleaning wipes as an additional precaution. We will have some cleaning materials at Reception.


- Carry your own hand sanitiser for use after contact.

- Try to make all payments through our website - so we can reduce the handling of cash. 

- Please try to pitch your tents at least two metres from other campsite users. 

- Keep distance from other users, and avoid 'mixed play' with other users, particularly children. 

- If you display any symptoms, please let us know and pack away your campsite and leave the site, returning home. We will refund any days you have missed. 

- Monitor your children whilst they play and use the facilities. Ensure they know how to use the hand sanitiser and wash their hands. 

Government Advice...

Do give us a call if you wish to discuss things further. 

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